Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sexy is relative

In high school, boys were gross; but in our schoolgirl adolescent hormonal haze we couldn't see past the letterman jacket and the cute smile. Most of the time we just lust after them from afar, giggle with our friends as we passed by their lockers, do slow drive-bys of their houses (if we could drive), call their houses late at night and hang up, agonize over just the right outfit to wear to the Friday night football games, and fall asleep to the thought of being asked to the spring dance. In our mind, all boys were Johnny Depp.

The truth was, boys were smelly, pimply faced and just as dilusional as us girls; who spent countless hours perfecting the arm pit fart, body part rasberries, the fine art of "crop dusting", hocking loogies, swapping dirty jokes, and finding the humor in other bodily sounds.

But this well earned coming of age knowledge isn't lost when boys turn to men and become husbands and fathers. Turns out, 2 yr old boys think fart noises made by daddy are hysterical. And to us mom's, they become sexy all over again.


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