Monday, June 1, 2009

Chicks dig scars

I am raising an Evil Knievel wannabe.

Some days I worry that someone will call children services on me.

Last week recap:

On Monday he face planted after launching himself off the front of a toy motorcycle.

On Tuesday he came home from the sitters with scratches on his upper arm, the sitter said he was racing the other kids down the drive way on his car made a sharp left turn onto the sidewalk and crash landed.

On Wednesday he attempted to ride a scooters meant for 5yrs olds down the driveway. It didn't work and he scrapped up his knee.

Thursday and Friday he must have decided to take a breather because we didn't have any new cuts.

However this weekend, he was back in action.

Saturday, he threw all the couch cushions to the bottom of the stairs and was tossing himself (belly flop style) down a half a flight of stairs into a mosh pit of pillows. [sigh]

Sunday night I was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner when I hear the strangest sounds coming from the lower level.

Creak......whap/bounce......thump.....giggle.....patter patter patter

.....giggle.....patter patter patter

I quietly crept to the edge of the stairs and peered around the corner [gasp] and discovered what was causing the sounds. Tyler had fashioned a step stool from his toddler workbench by positioning it next to my GIANT exercise ball in efforts to mount the exercise ball. Except when he jumped and flung himself on top of the ball, it retracted and tossed him off where he landed on the carpet with a giggle only to quickly pad back over to the bench, move the ball into position and try again.

I should just buy stock in bandaids and neosporin. Might be a wise investment.


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