Monday, June 1, 2009


On Saturday the husband and I went down to Creekside to watch the free concert they have each Saturday night. This week it was the karaoke band, Fonzie Monroe. Once we arrived, the husband wanted to take Tyler to go feed the ducks goldfish crackers (a favorite past time) so I agreed to wait for the table at the restaurant. Despite having the stroller, I sat down at the bar and ordered a pop. However it was obvious the woman who sat down next to me was NOT drinking pop and was rather chatty for what appeared to be her first drink. Our conversation went something like this:

Her: "Do you have a baby?"

Me: [blink] "Uhm, ya" hence the stroller lady

Her: "Where is she?"

Me: "HE is down at the creek with his father" nosy aren't we...

Her: [nodding, slurping] "Mmm...ok, married?"

Me: "Yes" why?

Her: [distracted] "Could you flag that bartender down for me, if he's just gonna chat with that lady he should bring me another drink"

Me: [flagging the bartender] Oy

By this time the husband had returned from the creek and the lush had a refill, so the conversation resumed.

Her: "He looks just like his father doesn't he"

Me: [shrugs] "I guess"
Yes, my strawberry blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned, chunky faced kid looks just like his greek father. [nods] Yep, exactly.

Her: "I bet you're having like 10 more right"

Me: [stares] "Uh, probably not that many" Sheesh

Her: "So when are you going to start trying again? You are going to try again right?"

Me: [blinks]

Her: "Oh wait, I'm sorry you ARE pregnant, how far along are you?"

Me: Bartender! Vodka tonic, hold the tonic.


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