Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Steps

From day one Tyler has always done things just a little early. Holding his head by 2 mos, crawlings by 6mos, walking by 9mos, cold turkey from bottle at one year and ate with a fork and a spoon by 18mos. I'm not trying to brag....ok maybe just a little.....the point being his motor skills are amazing.

However, verbally, we're a swing and a miss. He knows words, pictures, colors, letters, numbers. If I say "Tyler point to the elephant" he'll pick the giant thing out of a line-up. But ask him to say elephant, or monkey, or tiger or anything even remotely easy, and you might as well be spitting in the wind. Mostly he just points and grunts ::shrug:: It' soooo frustrating.

His current vocabulary includes: dog (first word), ball, down, up, mama, dada, door, bubbles, diego (de go), Dora (dor dor), juice (ju). He's recently added the two word phrases: whats that and whats this. Except when he says it, it sounds more like the drunk guy from the bud light commercial several years ago...."Whazzzz At!?!"

Two days ago, almost as if he anticipated his 2nd birthday, he added a new phrase. The first time he said it, I had to sit down I laughed so hard. When he says this, he points at something then pats his chest and always says it twice....


I guess you could say he's spoiled


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