Tuesday, May 12, 2009

House Guests

As a girl I should be bothered by the presence of a bucket of worms sitting just inside my front door. Shouldn't I?? The thought of they're dirty bodies wriggling across my clean floor, leaving a slimy footprint in it's wake.


Although....It's not like they have appendages that would permit them to crawl up my legs, or teeth that would big me in my sleep, or wings to fly around my home and annoy me. So what's the big deal?

On the list of bugs that I find creepy, worms really aren't all that high. They're somewhere near the bottom tied with slugs. Perhaps it was because my dad use to keep night crawlers (the giant mutant worms) in the fridge at home growing up just before a big fishing trip. Which of course freaked my mom out. But they weren't nearly as bad as the chicken livers he'd buy that gave everything in the fridge an foul, rotting metallic odor.

Or it could be the worm I ate as a junior in high school as a 6th grade camp counselor. They taste exactly how you'd imagine, slick and gritty with a not so pleasant aftertaste. I'm sure everyone is devastated they don't have this episode on their list of life experiences....

Regardless, just inside the front door sits the current pride and joy of my 2yr old; a pale blue bucket, with a green handle that contains approximately 6-12 worms he dug up from the front planting bed this weekend.

For two days he's enjoyed squatting over the rim to peer quietly inside only to pluck the "fat one" from his dirt nap and announce it's presence in my home by holding it high above his head in triumph.

The husband thinks it's "awesome".....

Probably not my ideal word choice, but gross isn't really on the radar either.

I think I'll just do a mental eye roll and pray the bucket doesn't move any further inside the house.


Simi May 12, 2009 at 9:13 PM  

ewwwwwwwwww! Hehe yucky yucky! I would be totally creeped out!

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