Monday, May 18, 2009

Bugs Life

Bugs have taken over my life.

Last week I posted how a bucket of worms had taken up residence in my home. Then on Saturday, anticipating a fishing trip with a buddy, the husband BUYS worms and puts them in the fridge, right next to the chicken we were planning on having for dinner. (We ordered pizza after that little issue). Why you'd spend money on something that was readily available sitting by the front door is beyond me.

However Sunday was the icing on the cake....

I had woken up in one of my the-house-is-a-disaster-must-clean-get-out-of-my-way-if-you-want-to-keep-your-behind moods. The husband adores me when I'm like this (take notice of the heavy sarcasm). Tyler just likes it when the vacuum comes out. I spent 6 hours cleaning the living room/dining room/kitchen. I dusted, I swept, I washed, I scrubbed. You would have thought I was nesting, but sadly I'm just that neurotic.

Tyler had been diligently following me from place to place, providing his own running commentary of my actions that only other 2yr olds could understand. When I noticed him laying on his belly, reaching under the side table of the couch that sits in the corner.

"Mama, aahhpp" [pointing]

"What are you pointing at buddy? What's under there"

"my-een" [flexing his hands in a grabbing motion]

"What is under...[bending down to look].....theeeerrre....ACK!"
I shrieked.

I jumped, grabbed Tyler, flung him over my head, tossed him on the couch and shrieked.

Under the side table was a spider, my worse nightmare. A spider that had spun a web and was laying little cocoons filled with baby spiders no doubt.


Panic mood went into hyper drive. I whipped out the suction tool on the dyson, smacked the on button, stuck the nozzle up under the table, closed my eyes and started flailing it around.

After about 2 mins I dared peek to check the status of my spider removal efforts.

Wheew, Gone

Tyler, of course had to check my progress, and after finding no more spiders, looked at me sadly lifted his hands to his shoulders palms up and said what sounded like "weer"
In hindsight, the spider was only about the size of my thumb nail. But in this incidence, size didn't matter. I may have given concessions to worms and husbands smelling like dead fish, but my girly flag still flies high when spiders are involved.


Allison May 18, 2009 at 6:24 PM  


So when are you coming over to clean my house for me? It could use a bit of that OCD scrubbing :)

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