Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo recap

With my absence last week for business related travel, I wasn't able to post about Tyler's 2nd birthday. The weather was gorgeous out at the lake. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

My little man is 2....


Holy crud where did the time go, soon he'll be shaving and stealing the car keys!

Ladies lock up your daughters! Well, soon at least.

I thought I'd some post photos from his birthday party.

Tyler quietly, patiently waiting with great-grandma for us to quit singing and blow his candle out.

Ummmm....cake [drooling]

Apparently he only wanted the bulldozers on top, not the cake.

This is NOT my son.

Screw cake, lets open presents!

"oooh waazz at"

After a few too many juice boxes, the guest of honor let his inner wild child out.

On Mother's Day, the husband had to leave early for work, so Tyler and I decided to walk down to Creekside for some ice cream and some duck feeding. The ice cream was tyler's idea, honest....

Apparently he didn't want to share the goldfish with the ducks. Go figure.


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