Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be warned; Buckeyes are poisonous to Wolverines

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People. I am getting out my soapbox and climbing aboard. I need to vent and this is the only place that I can effectively reach the masses to satisfy my displeasure.

The husband, unfortunately has become immune to my bitching, probably due to over exposure, and he is not an acceptable alternate vehicle to voice my concern. Besides, he's a Penn State fan and could care less about my thoughts.

Now, where was I. Oh yes...

People, IF you choose to live in the college town of one of the largest universities in the country, you must accept two very obvious facts:

#1 - This town has THE most loyal fans known in college sports


#2 - These loyal fans are OBSESSED with college football, specifically Ohio State Football.
Now that we're all clear of my intended subject. Lets get down to business.

Fans from up north, are not welcome, in our town. And for those of you readers who aren't familiar with who I mean by "the team from up North" brush up on your OSU football history HERE.

The only day in the entire year that we allow fans from up north to penetrate our borders is on the last game of the season of alternating years. And we only allow this to occur, long enough to stuff the football down the throat of Rich Rodriguez' and send them back on their merry way.

Our rivalry is deep seeded. We do not like each other, this is a plain fact. We do not take kindly to locals offering their loyalty to the enemy. We view them as traitors and secretly hope they will move North and take their dirty favoritism with them.

So after all of that, if you still chose to live in this town and worship the enemy, do not. I repeat. Do not harass an avid Buckeye fan, in her town. You will lose.

Certainly do not trash talk with the loyal Buckeye fan the day after we shut out a Big Ten team who cost us dearly the year before. Especially coming from you, who barely escaped embarrassment from the perennial last place team in the Big Ten.

Do not threaten to not ring up the Buckeye fan's purchase just because she is wearing an Ohio State t-shirt. Do not claim that you are unable to touch her purchases just because she is wearing said t-shirt. Do not attempt to start a debate, at the convenience store, regarding her loyalty. If you are working at a convenience store, chances are her purchase is your livelihood.

And certainly do not joke, laugh, bob and weave like a gangster just because you are a fan from the team up North. This does not make the Buckeye fan idolize you, it just makes you look like a blithering idiot.

Enough said.

Thank you, I am finished.




Emily September 29, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

Amen, sister!! Love it!


Julie September 29, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

Ha ha! As an out-of-towner from the north (at least not the EVIL north!) I had no idea how "Buckeye crazy" people were here. However, I have to say, it's rubbing off on me! Go Bucks!

WhisperingWriter September 29, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

Oh my.

I don't get it when people get that crazy over sports. Like sometimes I want to walk into a Red Sox bar with a Yankees hat just for fun...

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