Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Appreciate the handy work

There are women in this world who are more creative than I. Heck, probably everyone reading this blog entry is more creative than I. My creative skill set is well not developed, I am truly a right brained person. Sadly, I much prefer staring at spreadsheets, playing with numbers and problem solving a client's issues. That's right, I am unexciting, uneventful and I have no life. Maybe I should have been an accountant...nah, too much right brain thinking.

But this doesn't mean I don't appreciate and stare in amazement at the crafts of those who are very creative. In fact, below are two women who constantly astound me with their ideas and creative flare. And as an added bonus, they each are giving away several of their creations to lucky readers who choose to follow them and appreciate their gifts.

While many of my readers I'm sure are all aware of these two ladies, I thought I'd help by promoting their awesome work to those few readers I have who haven't been exposed to their creative abilities. Good luck everyone and happy fall!

1# - Jannypie Crafts
A scientist by day a blogger/crafter/digital scrapbooker by night.

In honor of her blog's 2nd birthday, she is giving away a slew of fun Halloween items to anyone who starts following her blog, her on Facebook, or her on Twitter.

Click the image and follow the link to more details about her fun give-away.

#2 - Mada's Place
A work from home mom who excels at amazing things with fabric.

To showcase her latest creation, a rockin Coloring Tote, and reward all the love she's been receiving lately, she is giving this item away at random to a lucky person who starts following her blog, her on Facebook or on Twitter.

Click the image and follow the link to her blog entry about her contest.


WhisperingWriter October 1, 2009 at 6:23 PM  


I wish I could be more crafty.

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