Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Did you see that?

I love people watching.

I especially like people watching at new and strange places where alcohol is involved. The true crazies always come out in places like that.

Take for example my Saturday night out at the new piano bar in town with our close group of friends for one of my bestie's birthday. It was a great evening that ended with 4 of us mildly intoxicated on a mission to satisfy our hankering for pizza (who's Saturday night doesn't end this way?)

Granted my group of friends is perfectly capable of making our own fun but it was the people we observed while there that really made the evening.

Let me sum it up in a simple mathematical equation.

Alcohol + Piano Tunes + 10 bachelorette parties = One funny evening

Some of the women we observed were just too funny not to write about.

Crazy Women:
#1 - a middle aged woman who felt compelled to dry hump every man that dared walked by her table (although she did seem to pay particular attention to one guy)

#2 - a 20-something blonde girl who was never without a drink, wore hot pink sunglasses all night, high heels, a too short balloon mini-dress and would randomly stopped dancing to strike a pose.

#3 - another middle aged woman who hurriedly ripped off the bar t-shirt she'd been sporting and inadvertantly removed her slip dress as well in the attempt.

#4 - a 20-something bride-to-be who had an unhealthy obsession with a banana.

#5 - Drunk bachelorette's with penis accessories: a Glitter penis headband, a light-up penis necklace, penis name tags.

#6 - the same middle aged woman in #1 hiking her skirt up, laying on her back on the stairs, leg pumping to the song and flashing half the bar.

#7 - Numerous women (and men) sporting bar slogan bumper stickers on their chests, legs, backs, heads and butts alerting passer-byers of their availability. Demonstrated here by my bestie:

It is also important to note that the above picture is the last known shot of my bestie as a single woman.

Her boyfriend of 4 years asked her to marry him the next morning (finally).

I see another trip to this bar, sporting our own penis bobber headbands in our future.


Julie August 5, 2009 at 12:28 PM  

That is too much fun! I just might have to check out that piano bar one of these nights...maybe I'll find some more penis headband wearing bachelorettes! ;o)

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