Monday, August 17, 2009

The do-it-yourselfers

I think I know why people get divorced.

They buy a 30 year old house that needs a lot of cosmetic updates. Then attempt to make said improvements, together, on a Saturday, that is 90 degrees, while their 2 yr old son runs around wreaking havoc in the garage, and their basset hound, who suffers from extreme separation anxiety, howls, cries and scratches incessantly at the front door to be let out.

This kind of situation leads to lapses in judgment, injuries and the husband growling every 10 mins under his breath that "We should have just hired someone".

Perhaps, but I'm too cheap.

So after 5 hours, 2 re-dos, a 100+ curse words, three head injuries, 2 marital spats, one inquisitive neighbor who just smirked and calmly walked backwards out of the conversation, and a very large gap, we still do not have a fully functional screen door.

I may have ultimately resisted saying "I told you so" about the molding, but he did get his way and called "the guy".

The good news is we're still married. And the door will be fixed by Friday.


Danica August 17, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

LOL that's the reason I have resorted to hiring someone. I can't maintain my composure!

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