Monday, August 10, 2009

Wanted: A shopaholics support group

Most people have hobbies.

Activities or projects that they find soothing, relaxing and enjoyable. Sometimes these hobbies are simple and inexpensive and other times they are intricate and costly. But regardless, the cost is usually seen as an investment in a persons happiness.

I don't have any hobbies. I have shopping. It makes me happy.

It's my obsession passion. I can shopping for hours looking for the best deal on stuff. Occasionally on items I really don't need. But I can't pass up a great deal. It's these times when I'm tempted to hide my purchases from the husband and lie about what I've just bought.

It's not buyers remorse, it's the fear of being caught.

These are the times when I get a glimpse of the fact that I may have a problem.

I never have a problem, however, convincing the husband that my purchases for Tyler are in his best interest. See how happy it makes him?

The husband just shrugs and remarks "No wonder he loves his mommy best, she spoils him rotten"

Perhaps. But I don't see "Over-enthusiastic provider" listed on the 7 deadly sins, so I'm thinking I'm in the clear.

Take for example my latest trip to Target (always dangerous). I was on a mission to find bugs. The small little life-like plastic toys that little boys love to gross-out adults females with. I'd gotten a tip from my mommy underground sources (the nesties) that there were some cheap $1 ones at Target. So off I went, immediately after work.

What I found in the clearance section was perfect. A small tube of butterflys, lady bugs and dragon flys for $1. I even found a "bug house" to keep them all in for $3. I'd really hit pay-dirt today.

As we turned to leave, we rounded a corner and saw it. On the end cap. A 42-piece, Black n Decker tool set. Complete with hard hat and tool belt. It was awe inspiring.

Tyler currently had a 7 piece set with a little tool box that he carried everywhere we went. He'd gotten it for Christmas and would even get it out and attempt to help when Daddy did small home repairs.

But THIS set was different. THIS set dwarfed the other set by a mile. It had a hammer, 2 screwdrivers, a drill, a hack saw, a level, a speed square, a wood shaver, a c-clamp, a socket wrench, a pipe wrench, a ratchet set, a tape measure, pliers, and a million little bolts, nuts and nails. It was everything a little boy needed. He HAD to have it.

And Mommy was happy to oblige. So in the cart it went, along with the bugs and bug house. No sense in putting back a great deal.

We got it home, unwrapped all the piecey parts and splayed them across the living room floor. That's when it occured to us that they all wouldn't fit in his old tool box. We were gonna need a bigger box.

The husband just shook his head when he came home that night and saw the carnage. Because sadly the bugs were a distant second to his new tool set.

See even Fred the dog is concerned my shopping habits may have gotten out of control.

Good thing I don't listen to the dog.


Danica August 11, 2009 at 12:08 PM  

LMAO never listen to the dog!!! So cute though. Your little man is a handsome one.

And ssshhh I have a shopping problem too. :-)

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