Thursday, July 30, 2009

The child in all of us

I exited my mommy car, collecting the key essentials and shoving them back in my purse as I placed my foot on the ground. Keys, chap stick, sunglasses, blackberry, coupons; things that always seem to end up on the passenger seat when I'm driving.

I tripped the motion sensor of the sliding doors, grabbed a shopping car and headed to the produce section. First on my "gotta get" list was bananas. Followed by strawberries, potatoes, green beans and then finally melons. I always saved melons for last, because they are by far the most perplexing fruit to purchase. Very difficult to quantify their quality due to their tough, bumpy exterior. Kinda like a man in that aspect; you gotta kind knock, shake, listen and press just the spots to find out if it's worth keeping.

As I made my approach to the melon stand, I saw a woman about my age scanning the produce display. I stood next to her and begin conducting my own initial assessment. Finally selecting what I judged to be an excellent specimen.

I reached across my body, extending my arm toward the melon when our hands touched and landed on my melon. I gave a sharp intake of breath, smiled and chuckled just slightly. Apparently both our "melon detectors" had exceptional taste.

I didn't remove my hand, it was mine. Although neither did she. We each were staking our territory on the melon stand.

I smiled quickly and reached with both hands for the melon.

She leaned forward, placing her weight on the melon to prevent me from removing it. I gritted my teeth slightly, forced a smile and tugged on the melon. She reached, grabbing the melon with both hands, hoisted it into the air and also began tugging in an attempt to dislodge it from my grasp.

I shouted "Mine!" and gave a tug.

"Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine!" I shouted as I tugged again.

She leaned forward and growled "Mine!" back at me.

And there we stood, two 30 year old women, in the middle of the produce section, fighting over a $1.99 melon.

Sounds ridiculous right?

Good thing toddlers grow out of the "Mine" phase.

Could you imagine if they didn't?

Ya me either.


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